EFSUMB - European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology

Dear members of EFSUMB

You are probably all aware of the document “Minimum training requirements for the practice of medical ultrasound in Europe”. If not the document is available on this website, www.efsumb.org

After a few years of work EFSUMB Education and Professional Standards Committee has developed guidelines for how the minimum training requirements can be achieved at each level of practice. Structured theoretical and practical training should be followed by competency assessment. In the document that follows you will find a description – for some medical specialties – of the theoretical and practical training that the committee recommends and also competency assessment sheets. We hope you will find that these guidelines from the Education and Professional Standards Committee will be helpful.

We would welcome general comments on these recommendations, suggestions for ways in which they could be improved in the future and suggestions for additional syllabuses. Comments should be submitted by email to: efsumb@efsumb.org

Lil Valentin
Chairman of the EFSUMB Education and Professional Standards Committee

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